The Airbank App allows you to easily send reminders for bills.

This feature helps you to track down missing bills and receipts quickly and without much effort. Reminders sent via the app automatically include all relevant information about the transaction in question (such as the payment reference, amount, date and other important data).

Go to the "Bills" tab and select the relevant transaction (without a matching bill) in order to send a reminder.

The button for using this feature will appear once you have selected the relevant transaction (see screenshot). You can select transactions by clicking on the corresponding transaction line or on the box next to the transaction you wish to select.

Click on the "Send reminder" button.

Now, the following input mask appears:

Now, enter the e-mail addresses or names of the persons to be contacted. The dark button (right below the input field) shows the selected number of persons to be contacted.

Click on the button to send the reminder.

Important: Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Airbank' s support team should you experience any issues or require additional support.

Just use the chat function on the Airbank homepage or in Airbank App (the speech bubble symbol in the lower right-hand corner) or send an email to:

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