We at Airbank are very proud to be able to deliver financing to our users!

To use this feature please answer a few questions for us in the tab called 'Financing'. Start the process by clicking on "Get started" / "Restart survey". You will be navigated through it step by step. After that, we will be able to provide you with a shortlist on the financing providers you could be eligible for and you can go directly to an application with them.

We teamed up with 'iwoca' and 'Uncapped' to bring funding to your business. More information on what they offer below:

  1. iwoca provides fast, flexible and straightforward loans to self-employed & small businesses in a wide range of industries. Customers can use their loans in a variety of ways, for example to secure liquidity or to purchase goods.
    Here you can find their 'frequently asked questions'.

  2. Uncapped offers young, digital businesses the opportunity to raise growth capital without giving up shares in their business. The capital offered by Uncapped is repaid in line with monthly revenues, taken as a percentage of generated sales. Here you can find their 'frequently asked questions'.

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