By default, the Airbank App pre-categorizes transactions as soon as they are loaded in your dashboard. This feature is highly efficient and accurate and operates concurrently with the data transfer from your bank's servers (see here to read the article about the automatic categorization feature).

However, it is also possible to manually categorize individual transactions (click here for the corresponding article), or to create entirely new categories (including the respective sub-categorization).

Important: Please bear in mind that Airbank's pre-categorization features is partially dependent on the amount and kind of the data your bank shares with us (as well as on your bank's or payment provider's internal categorization system).

How to create new categories

Select the Categories tab and click on "Create category" (see screenshot):

screenshot Categories tab with focus on create category

You can choose a designation, color code, type (income or expense), as well as any sub-categorization (for classification under existing categories) for the new category.

screenshot create category

Click on "Confirm" to save the new category.

You have successfully created a new category for your transactions!

Now, if you start assigning transactions to the new category, the app will self-learn and automatically assign the new category after a short time.

Important: Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Airbank' s support team should you experience any issues or require additional support.

Just use the chat function on the Airbank homepage or in Airbank App (the speech bubble symbol in the lower right-hand corner) or send an email to:

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