Important: As a customer of Deutsche Bank, you have to enter a 9-digit account number. The 9-digit account number is made up of your 7-digit account number (e.g. 1234567) and the 2-digit sub-account number (usually "00"). For example: if the account number is 1234567, then number to enter is 123456700.

If you have a 6-digit account number, please add an additional "0" in front of your account number, e.g. 012345600.

First, please go to the "Connect new bank" button in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard & click on it.

Screenshot accounts tab with focus on

Type in "Deutsche Bank" (in the search field - see screenshot below) & click on "Deutsche Bank".

screenshot connect Deutsche Bank

Now, you will see following interface which prompts you to provide the branch number (of your Deutsch Bank branch) & your account number.

Please enter the requested information & click on "Next".

screenshot connect Deutsche Bank

The following loading message will appear.

screenshot redirecting to your bank

After a few seconds, you should be redirected to the log-in page of the Deutsche Bank.

  1. Please enter your IBAN and the phone number connected to your Deutsche Bank online banking account & then click on "Continue".

  2. You will receive a text message with your TAN code & will be prompted to enter the TAN, as well as your password.

  3. Confirm the entry

Please follow the additional instructions of your Deutsche Bank online banking dashboard & confirm Airbank's access rights.

After the completion of the process, you will be redirected to the Airbank dashboard automatically.

Congratulations! Your Deutsche Bank account is now connected!

You should now be redirected to the Airbank App and see the Deutsche Bank logo in the upper left-hand corner of the your banking dashboard.

Important: Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Airbank' s support team should you experience any issues or require additional support.

Just use the chat function on the Airbank homepage or in Airbank App (the speech bubble symbol in the lower right-hand corner) or send an email to:

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