Data protection & security are of the utmost important to us here at Airbank.

Find out what we do to protect your data in this short article:

2-factor authentication

The so-called 2-factor authentication process requires that you always provide the password you have previously chosen and a numeric code sent via text message to the phone number you have provided beforehand.

This particular, highly secure log-in method (also called multi-factor authentication) protects your account and makes it almost impossible for unauthorized persons to access your account.

Team permissions and custom roles

You can assign custom roles to your team members or to the employees of your company, setting unique restrictions on how transaction data and payment requests are displayed to individual users. This way, you can ensure that only the team members or employees you have previously designated to have said access can view and change the data.

Protecting your account and your banking data is of paramount importance to us

You can rest assured that neither your profile data nor your banking information is ever shared with third parties by Airbank.

We only work with the most advanced tools and specially certified technology partners who have shown to be capable of maintaining the same high standards of privacy protection and data security as Airbank.

Airbank connects to your bank accounts via so-called Open Banking APIs, special data interfaces regulated by PSD2 in Europe.

Every connection and transaction request requires your explicit, SCA-secured authorization, which is automatically and securely processed by your bank.

This means that without access to your bank's authorization method (e.g. your previously chosen online banking portal password and your saved phone number), it is impossible to make requests on your behalf via the Airbank dashboard.

This way, the protection & security of your account is guaranteed.


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