In the rare case that a user has lost access to the phone or phone number which is used in the 2FA process, the following steps have to be taken to re-enable access:

  1. Get in touch with our dedicated support team via

  2. Keep information about your Airbank account, your bank accounts, as well as recent account activity readily available.

  3. Wait to be contacted by our support team (due to the sensitivity of the issue, particular safety procedures have to be followed before access to an account and/or a re-activation of the 2FA process with a new phone number can be initiated). Please be patient as we have to ensure all the required legal and regulatory requirements are followed.

Important: Please note that ALL BANK ACCOUNT ACCESS via the Airbank App will be revoked automatically as soon as the re-activation of the 2FA procedure/Airbank App access is triggered.

This feature is part of an inbuilt safety mechanism designed to protect you and your data and cannot be disabled!

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