The Airbank App enables users to easily export and download bank and treasury statements.

In addition to offering the possibility of exporting single bank account statements, the App also features a function that allows for the creation of multiple account statements (in a single file).

Instead of having to create and download single statements which then would have to be combined into a unified file or document by hand, the App gives the user the possibility of creating single files containing information on all the transactions (from all of the different connected bank accounts).

In order to export and download bank or treasury statements, follow these steps:

1) Go to the Transactions tab on your dashboard:

screenshot dashboard with focus on

2) Now, click on "Generate statement":

screenshot generate statement

3) Choose from which bank accounts (or connected "Manual Registers") you wish to create a statement.

By defining the exact time frame and selecting at least one of the connected accounts, Airbank allows you to generate a statement listing all transactions that occurred (during the defined time frame) across the selected accounts.

screenshot generate statement details

4) Click on "Confirm" to trigger the creation of the statement.

Within a few seconds, a new tab (or browser window) automatically opens and displays the newly created statement. In there, you will evenly find the opening and ending balance of the selected accounts.

5) Under "Options" you can choose the statement's format that you wish to dowload (or you can click on "print" to automatically print the statement displayed in the tab evenly creating the option to save it as a .pdf).

The download of the chosen format will start automatically and will be shown in the download target folder of your browser (depending on your browser settings, the completed download might also be displayed in the corner of the window).

screenshot statement options

Important: Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Airbank' s support team should you experience any issues or require additional support.

Just use the chat function on the Airbank homepage or in Airbank App (the speech bubble symbol in the lower right-hand corner) or send an email to:

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