With Airbank, you can connect more than 2000 bank accounts. After your sign-up, you can add new bank accounts within minutes.

Important: Please ensure you have valid authentication or log-in credentials before trying to connect a bank account to the Airbank-App.

Using incorrect or outdated authentication or log-in credentials more than once might result in a temporary de-activation of your online banking account.

Please get in touch with your bank or banking service provide, should you have any questions about your online banking log-in or authentication procedure.

Connecting a new bank account

Please take the following steps to connect a new bank account to the Airbank App.

  1. In the main dashboard, on the banking tab click "Connect new bank"

    Screenshot accounts tab with focus on

  2. After that, select your bank in the search field and click "Next"

    Screenshot connect new bank search bar

  3. Depending on the bank selected, you are either prompted to provide a specific identification number & a password, the branch number of your bank & your account number, or a different combination of branch number, bank identification number, account number & your password.

    Below, you find a number of different log-in interfaces.

    Please note that the differences in the specifics of the log-in procedure are directly related to the different banks' API systems. It is the different technical configuration of the banks' IT systems which cause this variety.

    Example 1: Here, one can directly provide the information via Airbank's dashboard & is prompted to type in a bank-specific identification number & password.

    Screenshot connect example identification number

    Example 2: Here, one is prompted to provide the branch number or identifier (specific number or letters) of the bank & the account number.

    screenshot connect example branch number or identifier

    Example 3: Here, clicking on the logo or number of your bank in the search bar (see above) automatically connects you to the online banking portal of your bank.

    You will see the message below during loading of the page.

    screenshot redirecting to your bank

4. Final step: Authorize the connection of your bank account by filling out the online registration form or ticking off the authorization box in your bank's online portal.

Important: The previously described steps are applicable to almost all banks & bank accounts (with only minor variations) & should only take a few minutes at the most to complete.

However, should you experience any difficulties connecting to your bank, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the chat (in lower right-hand corner of this page or of the Airbank App dashboard) or via help@joinairbank.com.

After the successful setup via your online banking dashboard or authorization via your bank, you will be redirected to the Airbank-App dashboard & you will see the icon/ logo of your bank in the left-hand corner of the banking tab.

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