Onboarding to Airbank is straight forward and should not take any longer than 6 minutes. Just follow the steps below or watch the following video:

The Airbank onboarding process in detail

1. Start the signup process and enter your your name, email, and password. We recommend a strong, secure password that you ideally save in a password manager.

Airbank Onboarding - About You

2. The first thing we then do is securing your email to make sure no unsolicited access or password change requests can be done through your email. Enter the 6-digit code that you received.

Airbank Onboarding - Email Verification

3. Next, secure your account with your telephone number. Enter your mobile number and type in the 6-digit code that you received.

Airbank Onboarding - 2FA

4. Now, add your company's name, legal name, URL, and details. Don't worry, you'll be able to add more legal entities in the settings area later!

Airbank Onboarding - Company Details

5. Once done, you can start connecting your first bank account 🎉. Select your bank account from the list and authorize the request by clicking "Next".

In case you don't want to add your bank account you can skip this step.

Airbank Onboarding - Bank Connection
Airbank Onboarding - Bank Authorization

6. Alright, the onboarding flow will take you to the sign in portal of your bank that you selected. With over 2000 banks that we connect to, that can look a bit different for every bank account. As soon as you authorised your account. You're ready to go 🙌.

Et voila, you now have access to Airbank.

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